Competition information

1. Aims

The aim of the competition is to encourage

  • ensemble playing at one piano or at two pianos
  • different generations to play together in the teaching situation, at home and in concerts
  • the pleasure of playing together
  • the conservation and propagation of the 19th and 20th century tradition of piano music for several hands
  • the international exchange of musical ideas and experience.

2. Venue and supporting organizations

The competition is organized by the Bavarian Music Academy Marktoberdorf in cooperation with the Association for the Promotion of Piano Playing for Several Hands (Verein zur Förderung des mehrhändigen Klavierspiels e.V. - VFdmK) and supported by the Allgäuer Tonkünstler e.V. and the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts.
The competition will be held in the Bavarian Music Academy Marktoberdorf.

3. Categories and age groups

up to 9 years: Category A: Piano ensemble for six or eight hands
10 to 13 years: Category B: Piano ensemble for six or eight hands
14 to 17 years: Category C: Piano ensemble for six or eight hands
18 to 22 years: Category D: Piano ensemble for six or eight hands
without any age limit: Category E: Piano ensemble for six hands at one piano or Piano ensemble for eight hands at two pianos
without any age limit: Category F: Piano ensemble for six or eight hands (it is possible to alternate between playing one and two pianos)

The choice of category should be based on the average age of the ensemble on the first day of the competition (April 28th, 2023). Numbers with 5 or more after the decimal point will be rounded up (example: three players aged 11, 13 and 14 years: average age is 12,66 - rounded up to 13: therefore category B). The individual ensemble players in the categories A, B, C and D can belong to different age categories.
Category F is intended for children and young players playing together with one of their parents or a teacher. One adult is allowed to play with two or three children or young players who are not receiving a university education or its equivalent.
It is possible for one player to perform in various different categories and ensembles.

4. Programme and playing time

It is forbidden to play from copied music. The playing time will be measured from the first note of the first piece to the last note of the final piece. If the playing time is too short, points will be deducted. If the playing time is too long, the presentation will be terminated by the jury without any disadvantage in the evaluation of the performance.

5. Literature / Grades of difficulty:

Preliminary 1 (U1): very easy to easy
Preliminary 2 (U2): easy
Intermediate 1 (M1): easy to fairly difficult
Intermediate 2 (M2): fairly difficult to difficult
Advanced 1 (O1): difficult to very difficult
Advanced 2 (O2): very difficult, virtuoso

It is also permitted to perform music from an adjacent category.

6. Jury and evaluation

The jury consists of international experts for six or eight hands piano music. Jury Chair: Prof. Tomislav N. Baynov

The jury will judge the technical and the artistic musical performance. This includes the faithful rendition of the original text, knowledge of style, literature and personal charisma. The decisions of the jury may not be contested, legally or otherwise. The members of the jury are sworn to silence in all matters concerning the evaluation and discussions of the jury.

7. Prizes and awards

Each participant will receive a certificate confirming the level of achievement reached by the ensemble. The ensembles chosen by the jury agree to perform free of charge at the prizewinners’ concerts in Marktoberdorf. Material prizes, donated by “Edition Slato” and “Helm & Baynov Verlag”, will be awarded in the categories A, B, C and F. Money prizes will be awarded totalling 900 Euro for category D, 1800 Euro for category E and 500 Euro for category F.

8. Application and conditions of participation

The application for each participant must be made using the enclosed application form and sent to the Bavarian Music Academy Marktoberdorf by March 28, 2023.

The participation fee for each applicant is:

Category A: 10 Euro Category D: 40 Euro
Category B: 20 Euro Category E: 60 Euro
Category C: 30 Euro Category F: 30 Euro

Members of the VFdmK receive a reduction of 30 percent.

The participation fee should be transfered by April 17, 2023 to the follow bank account:

Bayerische Musikakademie
Sparkasse Allgäu
IBAN: DE79 73350000 0240000042
Codeword: „Piano competition“ and the name of the participant

  • The participation fee is non-returnable. Foreign transfer fees are to be borne by the applicant
  • The application should include a copy of the identity card or birth certificate for each player.
  • The organizers do not accept any liability for damage to persons or property which may arise in connection with the
  • The participant agrees to sound or visual recordings (and any copies thereof) and to recordings and broadcasts in radio and television being made in connection with the competition events and surrenders all rights resulting from such recordings to the organizers.
  • With the application, the participant accepts the conditions of participation.

9. Accommodation and meals

Participants will be accommodated in the Bavarian Music Academy Marktoberdorf. The cost for accomodation and all
meals is 40 Euros per day. Applicants are recommended to apply early. If the Academy is fully booked, reasonably priced accommodation is also available nearby. Participants accommodated outside also have the possibility of taking their meals in the Academy. There are a number of rooms with piano available in the Academy for practising.


10. Prizewinners’ concert and prize-giving ceremony


April 30th, 2023; in the Richard-Wengenmeier-Hall of the Bavarian Music Academy Marktoberdorf