Dr. Alexandra Türk-Espitalier, MSc (Vienna), flute player and physiotherapist, specializes in the treatment of musicians. In her work, in addition to the physiotherapeutic treatment of illness, she concentrates on preventive work in connection with problems arising from instrumental work. Coordination of movement in connection with musical expression is one of the main aspects of her teaching at master classes and courses. At the University for Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna she is a lecturer on physioprophylaxis and concerns herself with the development of preventative programmes. 

Piano accompaniment

Evgueni Sinaiski, Wien, Berlin, St. Petersburg
Stanislav Soloviev, St. Petersburg
Svetlana Hatina, St. Petersburg, Tianjin

The luthier Arwed Harms will be some days here and can repair small damages:

Prof. Dr. Elmar Budde is available for questions on the interpretation and performance practice.